The Top Ten Cell Phone Ringtones

Here we are, over a decade since the initial prototypes of the contemporary ringtone download solutions were released around 1997. What have we heard, children? Well, to begin with, that building a listing of the top ten ringtones of all time is likely to become obsolete inside, oh, I duna week.

However, we could with some level of precision list some of the tones which have stuck around over time, and telephone that listing top ten.

  1. Select Up Yo Phone by Mr. T

For some reason, a lot of men and women continue to appreciate being alerted to an incoming call by the bombastic crying of Mr. T, demanding the pathetic fool in question, you, select up yo telephone!

  1. Crazy Frog

This tone appears to appear on each top listing we look at, and we are not popular enough to differ. All jokes aside, except for, of course, that the Crazy Frog, this tone has real staying power.

  1. OMG by Usher

Merely to date our listing, such as naming the theme tune of your graduating class from high school or remembering fondly your penchant for shorts, we have pitched this week's No. 1 selling ringtone on Thumbplay. Will this song be similar to"trendy" or"swell"? Only time will tell.

  1. South Park Soundbytes

From satirical tunes to allure to"Respect my authori-tie!" You can not fail using a foul-mouthed slander in the mouths of babes.

  1. Super Mario Brothers (Theme)

Regardless of the coming of the Wii, Playstation and X-Box, there is something about the eight-bit Nintendo which can never be topped. Plus it will not get anymore classic compared to Super Mario Brothers as it comes to video games. As far as we are concerned, the Super Mario Brothers theme would be to videogame sountracks as Stairway to Heaven would be to this man noodling ceaselessly in Guitar Center.

  1. Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells)

This polyphonic tone unites synthesized bass, a tune on piano and bells chords to inspire the delight of chills. You'll discover it on Jamster.

  1. Get Low by Lil' John
    What can we say? People today appear to love this particular tone, so we'll call it No. 4 and call it great.

  2. First Nokia Real Tone

Traditionalists and individuals who can not be bothered to get additional ringtones alike maintain this, the first real tone, living and at the top ten. You know the one. To paraphrase, Do da lu do, do da lu do, do da lu do.

  1. Star Wars Theme

Everybody enjoys Star Wars, and likely always will. So, how do we not include it . Response, we could not.

  1. Vibration

Actually more of a default winner, etiquette frequently requires placing our mobiles to vibrate to prevent being that individual --obviously, the significant assembly, you know the one--whose telephone recovers and exposes them into a flood of derogatory remarks and wilting mockery. Play it safe, allow it to vibrate so that you can still text below the table.